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Development trend of welding technology in China

China's welding industry is developing rapidly, but at the same time, it is also facing great challenges. How should we grab the opportunity and face the challenge?

First, let's talk about the development trend of China's welding industry.

In the future, the trend of the welding industry in China can be summarized as "expand the welding of high efficiency, automation, intelligent, energy saving and environmental protection, and conform to the welding technology, equipment and consumables of the new engineering materials in twenty-first Century." At present, the welding automation rate of our country is only about 20%. From the end of the last century, the country began to carry out gas maintenance welding in various industries, instead of manual arc welding. It can be estimated that in the first 10 years of twenty-first Century, China's welding technology continues to grow and improve within the traditional framework, and intelligent welding will also be properly expanded in a specific category. It is a gratifying thing that many departments and units in our country have already realized these problems. The shipbuilding system has taken the lead in putting forward that by 2005, the high efficiency of the welding of the shipyard will reach more than 80%, of which the application rate of carbon dioxide welding reaches 55%, the welding mechanization rate and the automation rate should reach about 70%.

Welding is often one of the highly polluting industries. Improving the working conditions of welders and reducing smoke and dust has become an important problem faced by welding workers. With the development of science, the presentation of low cost laser attack device will inevitably make laser welding and other efficient and high quality clean welding technology progressing, and into the ordinary processing and manufacturing enterprises with electronic beam welding, plasma welding and other high-energy beam welding.

Secondly, how should the welding industry seize and meet challenges?

In the past 10 years, foreign welding giants have set up factories in China, including many manufacturers of copper welding machines, and increase the investment in China, which has a great impact on the domestic welding national industry. For example, Tangshan Panasonic once occupied nearly half of the market share of the Chinese gas maintenance welding machine, and many domestic enterprises have made the system because of the system. The cause of technology and capital and other reasons have been plight. In order to survive and grow, the domestic welding industry must seize the opportunity, optimize the allocation of resources, adjust the industrial structure, and build one or two very strong central competitiveness through the reorganization of the assets, and build the welding material, welding machine and welding engineering in one, the products are well classified and the strength of the national welding industry flagship, only in this way, To ensure that China's welding industry enters the international market as a whole. Our country has done a lot of difference in the field of innovative research. In order to complete the sustainable development of the welding industry in China, it is necessary to strengthen the research on the theory and technology of the technology, especially the innovative research, to develop the products with independent intellectual property rights in China, and to improve the central competitiveness of the enterprises.

At present, the quality of domestic products has been close to the international advanced level, but there is still a gap in the details, especially the high-end market, which is basically the world of imported products, and the domestic products can only compete with the imported products in the low end market. Most of the special products can not be weighed in bulk or far from quality in China. This year, the American self maintenance flux cored wire used for the west to East Gas Transmission reached about 60 yuan per kilogram, which was close to the price of the gas maintenance stainless steel flux cored wire, which was rooted in the lack of competition from the corresponding products at home. Therefore, domestic enterprises must further improve the quality and quantity of products, improve their product lines, and make more effective progress in the enterprise's core competitiveness and enter the international market.

Finally, sum up:

Experts estimate that by 2020 welding will still be the preferred method for joining metal and other engineering materials. The United States industry will rely on its preemptive advantages in the aspects of cohesive technology, product design, manufacturing talent and global competitiveness, and will become the world's dominant product with high performance price ratio and superior performance.

It is not difficult to see that welding will not only have broad application space in the future industrial economy, but also have greater influence on quality of production, manufacturing talent and competitiveness of enterprises.

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